If you are holding on to authentic memorabilia or collectibles, you can earn extra money by putting items on consignment for auction. Some auctions run for one day, and some run longer. There are also items that are sold on the web store. Items for a Sports Memorabilia Auction would include framed and autographed pictures, signed baseballs, basketballs, footballs, helmets, jerseys, for examples. Hockey, boxing, golf, racing, and soccer are other sports represented in a Sports Memorabilia Auction. Sports cards, both current and vintage, are also included among auctioned or sold items.

Sports Autograph Auction items are very popular and typically receive high bids. Items must be authenticated to be included. If you have authentication already, your items will be accepted for auction. If you do not have documents of authentication, you can have them authenticated by the auction house at your expense. They will pay for third party authentication up front, and then take it out of your payment after the auction is closed. Due to the high volume of items, the cost is nominal. If an item has questionable authenticity, it will not be accepted for consignment. If that is the case, your item(s) would be shipped back to you.


Collectibles such as knives, movie posters and props, comic books, jewelry, coins and bullion, and historical items, are accepted for a Memorabilia Auction. There are several auction categories that you can submit items for on Daily Sports Memorabilia Auction consignment. There are many advantages for consignors. Auctions are advertised aggressively online and in collectible publications. That means that thousands of collectors will see your stuff, and know where to bid on it. Items are usually put on auction within two to four weeks of submission. That translates to fast turnaround on items, and means you will get paid quickly.

Your items are fully insured from the time they reach the auction house until they reach the buyer. You may want to insure them when you mail them out as well, for extra security. If you are interested in consigning, you can download a consignment agreement on the website. Fill it out, and return it with your first shipment of memorabilia. Include a detailed list of the contents of your shipment. It is that easy. Accepted items include autographed memorabilia, collectibles, fine art, and animation art. They will not accept items of low value, pornographic material, erotic material, and items of questionable authenticity. Look through what you have, and decide if you can part with it. It could be worth money.

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